Its been a few days again
After thaiboxing tuesday i was so happy, really physical class. Wednesday I had to work a few hours late but i could join BJJ class the last hour. I needed that. Otherwise ive been home with sick kid since wednesday. Shes got a fever and a cold. I really hope shes get better soon, no fun when they are sick. Thursday i didnt train at all, felt aexhausted for some reason. I also decided not to compete this saturday because of Milla being sick and im sort of sore here and there. We have been out in the fresh air a little and we bought a doll at a flea market. 20 skr, thats almost for free. She named it Elsa!
Work and thaiboxing
I rested all day yesterday and i didnt train BJJ today. I have the kids this week so i can only train early mornings or late nights. This night i got to train thai. Real tough and real fun class. I love it when its hard physical. When it feels like you wanna throw up and push harder at the same time. Tomorrow i finally gonna do some nogi rolling again, wihooo, its been a few days now.
Here are som pictures from kidsclass yesterday, Milla joined for a while.
Amazing kiddos
Lunch break photowalk!