Great sunday with double training and kids reunion
First nogi as planned (about 45 min sparring and guard passing the last 15), then girlsroll (first warm up drills, techniqe sweep from deep de la riva and then sparring).
Went directly to visiting in a prison, a psychiatric department. We do that about once a month. After that i went home, rested for a while and the met the kids at the club. Their father came with them. It was a great day! At my sons class almost all the kids were away for different reasons so they were only three of them. Did a lot of techniqes. My son was a bit energy overloaded so he got one of the coaches for him self almost all class throgh. That was perfect! Pure love!!
Sunday means kids are coming
Im up early because im gonna go nogi sparring before the girlsroll today. After the training sessions i have to go work for a few hours (being single mum means get all the extra income you can). After work I gonna go get the kids and well see if son feels up to training or not, it has to be his choice.
Well, well, the coming week is autumn break in schools, my kids are at home except for the two youngest, theyre gonna be at "fritids" and kindergarden monday to wednesday. I have taken thursday and friday off because we are gonna do some fun stuff together. Im not sure how much i will be able to train the following week, itt depends on the kids. Ive started a massive task of going through my photos from 2003 and forward. You find a lot of nice memories. These pictures are from 2012, october.

Maybe i am stupid
But for me the most logic thing to do a saturday morning when im off work is to go up 05.45 to do the laundry and then go to morning nogi sparring at 06.45. Maybe im crazy but thats what make me feel good. You should do what makes you happy right? My mood is coming back to normal, im feeling a lot more positive than the last few days. It sort of helps to hang with people who brings positive energy. I rather be alone than hang with people who drains you from it. The sun is shining and maybe ill go to a boxing class later. We will see.
(These pictures are four years old, my youngest son and his older sister were out playing in the autumn leafes)