Yesterday was a hysterical day
Not really hysterical but i did three training sessions. I didnt plan to it just happened. Started with morning nogi session with my friend, went to work and got a lot of stuff done. Went to next training session, this time BJJ. We did great basic techniqes again. I love that we do a lot of repetition now. I left class before sparring started because my son had a concert at his school. He´s in a music class. He is getting really skilled as a drummer. After the concert i went to late muay thai class. A really good class with some series with punches and mid kicks and superman punches. We had a really tough physichal challenge in the end aswell. So fun.
Im thinking about maybe compete again, its my last chance in this competition because next term i dont count as a beginner anymore. Westside. Last time i got silver after three tough fights.
This is the girl i lost the finals to (Photo Joakim Joneman)
Morning nogi sparring
Yepp, back to buisness. 45 minutes morning sparring nogi was a perfect start. As someone said, "no medal, no rest". No im actually not that strict. My main focus is to get experience. Of course its fun if you get a medal but but the most important thing is to have fun and come home exited about next competition or training session.
Im so impressed by the logistics around swedish open, there were over 800 contestants and everything went supersmooth. They are really good at working together.
Day two was a good day for our club aswell. The kids got two golds, two silver and one bronze.
Yesterday the grownups got three gold and one bronze. One of our coaches (blackbelt), a bluebelt and a whitebelt. Well done!
Roberto Pastuch Blackbelt -88,3 kg
Johan Bluebelt -94 kg
 Armend -100 kg whitebelt
Conde BJJ day one at Swop
We were 11 competitors in the adult division. (Some master). Two blackbelts, one purplebelt, three bluebelts and four whitebelts. The result was three gold (One blackbelt, one bluebelt, one whitebelt and one bronze blackbelt). The rest of us with different results, you win or you learn.
One of our bluebelts got promoted to purplebelt!! Congrats! Today some of our competitors go open class! And six of the kids compete! Wish them all luck!