Blev sjuk
Träningen har fått stå undan för förkylning fredag och lördag men idag körde jag ett teknikpass med tjejerna på BJJ. Igår var jag och fotograferade på matchsparring i Thaiboxningen hela dagen. Känner att jag inte kan träna som vanligt för flåset är totalt noll. Vilar några dagar till med andra ord.
Idag fotade jag lite på sw när jag ändå satt kvar efter tjejrullet.
Längtar tills ajg är frisk och kan köra ordentligt.
Nu skall jag snart iväg med Matheus på hans träning. Jag håller passet eftersom ordinarie tränare flyttat till Österrike. Skall planera lite för det nu.
Where did sunday go
Yesterday we had girlsroll, we were five girls and i only sparred two rounds since i have problems with my shin. I cant even touch it before it hurts. Its been like this for a few weeks now so maybe its time to check it up. I dont know if its from muay thai or BJJ, didnt notice when it started. Its definately slowing me down.

After girlsroll i went to Mathildas football termination. They got medals for a good season and recognized for their effort in Gothia cup, they came in at third place and got bronze. IFK Göteborgs goalie John Alvbåge gave them the prizes.

Then we left for home again, rested for a few hours, packed the kids things and went to Matheus training. After the training their father picked them up at the gym.
My coach Martin held the class this sunday, they were all really pleased.When the class was over i joined the sw class. My friend Alexander held it and we did some fun techniques from side and som takedowns.
Over all a good sunday!
A lot of rollin yesterday
First i took my youngest to the club so that i could open up for girlsroll. We were three plus my baby this time. Even if we are few we learn a lott and its good sparring. We did some warm up drills and then we sparred some five minutes rounds each. Fun! Im trying to get my baby to use her gi more so that she will feel more comfortable in it. At the moment she think its uncomfortable and dont wanna use it.
(Josefin bluebelt and Malin whitebelt like me). 
After girlsroll i went home, rested for a while and the went back to the club with my ten-yearold. We have a class for kids with special needs every sunday. They are amazing, its such a fun class <3 After that the father came and picked him up along with the others for fatherweek. I stayed and joined submission wrestling class. We had a guest teacher yesterday. Fun class and good basic stuff from turtle.
After class i went home, made dinner for the big kids, My small girls had baked a really yummie chocolate cake while i was aay with their brother, sweethearts.