Restday went by
I was actually gonna train yesterday but circumstances made me rethink. I dont wanna add more details to that but now i realize that a restday was good for me. No morning sparring, no afternoon BJJ class and no muay thai. My leg got injured monday class, last sparring round and yesterday it was real bad. Today its much better. Im having a conference at work today at a SPA resort so if i can afford it i will use the hot water pools and try and relax my muscles there. My baby is still sick so im not gonna pick her up for training today either. Real bad cough, seasonal i guess. My wish is to train at evening BJJ class. I talked to a good friend yesterday who is coming back to train so we will probably go together and go easy. So instead of training yesterday i invited my oldest son (ho moved out) home for dinner. It was really nice to hang with him. We watched big bang theory and ate beetroot and pasta with goatcheese sauce. Yummie! This is my view from the tenth store. Behind the houses you can spot the Ocean.
Rehab, is it only me?
Why is it so hard to get to do the rehab exercises? I have always had problems to motivate myself to do them. It only takes about five minutes a day but still... Do you have the same problem? I need to do exercises to get back mobility in my fractured thumb and i need to do stabilising exercises for my knee. Its not happening! Now i put the posters on the fridge, at least it will make me feel bad everytime i go to the fridge realizing i have to do them haha.
Yesterday i was thinking about going to the open mat but decided not to, thought it was better to rest. Instead me and the little one went flea marketing and after that we went home and made organic veggie pizza for friday dinner.
My bargains, i collect paintings from the fifties and sixties with childish motives. I also bought a board game, a classic. Its early morning here now and im getting ready to go to morning nogi sparring. Have a nice day!