Double training
I didnt plan to train twice today but when you get the chance before competition you sort of take it. Went back to the club to open up for kids competition group and then did some shopping with my son. Went back and sparred for one hour with some of the guys from the club. Good work.
I went home after that with my new bargain, a santa lady from the fifties. I already have santa. 40 kr is nothing.
Wednesday back to basics day
Yep, went to work, got a lot of job done early so i went to lunch training before picking my baby up for her training. We were only three and i didnt stay the whole session since i had to go. I was gonna train in the evening anyways.
Went to pick my adorable baby up and took her to training.
After that her father picked her up (she will come to me on sunday again, cant wait). I stayed at the club and waited for my training to start. We drilled basics for warm up, really good and then we did situation sparring and full sparring for about one hour. I was really sore in my body from a really hard muay thai class the day before but it worked out well anyways. Then i went home and went to bed.
Today i worked from home, had a meeting in town and then got home and invited my mother for dinner. We ate and then went to a flea market nearby. I had a terrible headache so i decided to skip BJJ class. I found some bargains at the shop though. Some table cloth and these things. I love retro stuff.
Went home, rested and attended late muay thai class. Good class today! A lot of clinch work at first, then  combination hook, mid kick, knee, and then some more clinch and finally a lot of knees. I enjoyed!
Closer to my goal
Great morning sparring, one hour 15 minutes of nogi with only two water breaks. Makes you feel really good. Im happy to notice that my condition really is improving. Since june ive been training almost every day and there is a big difference in my condition and endurance since then. I dont feel tired after class. I also managed to push my record towards my personal goal of ten chins before the end of the year forward. This morning after sparring i did seven.Im fully aware that theyre not perfect but will be soon.
After sparring and my own exercise i waited and opened up for the kids competition training at the club. Amazing kiddos, they are really skilled now. One orange belt to the left and three yellow belts next to him.
After that i went home and picked Milla up and she and i locked the club and then we wnt shopping. We bought some books for her brother (Donald Duck) and Milla choosed this.
I found another painting for my collection.
When we got back home i read a few chapters from the book and we both went to sleep haha. Good book!