Great sunday with double training and kids reunion
First nogi as planned (about 45 min sparring and guard passing the last 15), then girlsroll (first warm up drills, techniqe sweep from deep de la riva and then sparring).
Went directly to visiting in a prison, a psychiatric department. We do that about once a month. After that i went home, rested for a while and the met the kids at the club. Their father came with them. It was a great day! At my sons class almost all the kids were away for different reasons so they were only three of them. Did a lot of techniqes. My son was a bit energy overloaded so he got one of the coaches for him self almost all class throgh. That was perfect! Pure love!!
#1 - Madde / ★ Livet som mamma, lärare och doula i Dalarna ★

Åh ser jättekul ut :)