Yesterday was a hysterical day
Not really hysterical but i did three training sessions. I didnt plan to it just happened. Started with morning nogi session with my friend, went to work and got a lot of stuff done. Went to next training session, this time BJJ. We did great basic techniqes again. I love that we do a lot of repetition now. I left class before sparring started because my son had a concert at his school. He´s in a music class. He is getting really skilled as a drummer. After the concert i went to late muay thai class. A really good class with some series with punches and mid kicks and superman punches. We had a really tough physichal challenge in the end aswell. So fun.
Im thinking about maybe compete again, its my last chance in this competition because next term i dont count as a beginner anymore. Westside. Last time i got silver after three tough fights.
This is the girl i lost the finals to (Photo Joakim Joneman)