Perfect start friday
Put the alarm on 05.50 to get up early and go to train 06.45. I love those morning sessions. They also make it possible for me to train kidsweek aswell. We are still working on passing guard. Its really good for me both bottom and top positions. I get my ass kicked the whole time but it forces me to work harder and look for other ways. Most of the time we have really fun and thats important.
Its raining cats and dogs outside at the moment, most of the kiddos are still sleeping and hopefully the rain have stopped when its time for us to go on our roadtrip. Tell you more about that later. Its so nice to be able to take a few days off to spend time with the kids. (the pictures are from Arken conference center last week).
#1 - GoForFit

Så härligt! :)

sv: Visst det! Dock inte planering utan förgående veckas träning :) Så himla kul med kampsport! Defitnivt bra träningsform! Detsamma :*

Svar: Ah ok, sorry missade det :-) Ja kampsport är verkligen kanon
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