Morning nogi sparring
Yepp, back to buisness. 45 minutes morning sparring nogi was a perfect start. As someone said, "no medal, no rest". No im actually not that strict. My main focus is to get experience. Of course its fun if you get a medal but but the most important thing is to have fun and come home exited about next competition or training session.
Im so impressed by the logistics around swedish open, there were over 800 contestants and everything went supersmooth. They are really good at working together.
Day two was a good day for our club aswell. The kids got two golds, two silver and one bronze.
Yesterday the grownups got three gold and one bronze. One of our coaches (blackbelt), a bluebelt and a whitebelt. Well done!
Roberto Pastuch Blackbelt -88,3 kg
Johan Bluebelt -94 kg
 Armend -100 kg whitebelt