Finally friday Maria Montazami
Went morning sparring nogi real early, great session. Its impossible for me to pass so i really have to work haha. After that i went to work, had a lot to do so the day went on really fast, had sushi for lunch. I need to loose 1,5 kilos before the competion. Yes, i deciuded to compete in Swedish open. It will be fun.
Went by city before going home and saw this amazing lady, shes so funny! Maria Montazami that is
She was at Åhlens. They have a lot of fun christmas decorations.
After work i went home, ate something and then went to training. Fre sparring, open mat. Fun we were ten this time, really good. I went straight to a party after training, stayed for a few hours and drank a few beers. Nice! This morning ive been to morning training already and the weather makes me think its gonna be a great day!
This is the view from my bedroom balcony!