A good start monday
Im actually happy about a few things thats happened the last few days. You know sometimes you have these feelings that you just wanna stay at home and cancel absolutely everything? Even parenting if it was possible. You feel like the summer is years away and everything sucks. I have those feelings now and then. This weekend friday was one of those days. Im really pleased with my mindpower this time though. I managed to do all those things my mind told me to cancel. Now when the weekend is over i feel strong and confident because i managed to get over that feeling. It also gave me a lot of energy to make this following week a good week! Went to work, got home earlier and prepared dinner for the big kids.
After that i went to pick up my baby at daycare and took her to training.
After that her father picked her up and i stayed for my class. We did som basic passing and that was both fun and good. Repeating is the shit.