Some changes
OK, from now on i gonna go back to publish my posts in swedish. (This is the last one in english). Theres a new translate button to the right instead (Välj språk). I feel more free to write when i dont have to translate everything in my head before publish. Its been some turns back and forward with the bloging. This year ive been bloging for eight years. When i take breaks i miss it and sometimes when i blog i hate it. I guess thats life, how its supposed to be. Anyways, ive dropped my expectations about produce perfect blog posts every single dag. It will come when it comes so to speak. Its gonna be a wider variation of content aswell. I get easily bored if i only write about a few subjects. So from now on, in Swedish, when ever i feel like it (sometimes several posts a day, sometimes it will be a week between the posts). Have a spiritual day!
#1 - Tilda Barkselius

Ska bli intressant att få följa din blogg på svenska :)

#2 - GoForFit

Jäklar! 8 år är länge! :D

Sv: Detsamma :*

#3 - Maria at Inredningsvis

Vilken härlig glad Buddha haha :) Jag passar på att önska dig en riktigt GOD JUL & Gott nytt 2017:)

Idag tipsar jag om en butik med riktig lyx & glamour på bloggen!

LOVE Maria